Friday, December 14, 2012



21'st December 2012 is one of the most awaited date since after getting discovered . most of people ask me what are my thoughts about 21'st December.As a Muslim i strongly disagree but i believe in one fact that there will be dark days and year . in metaphoric i believe the answer lies between somewhere yes or no. well as we know that our milky way galaxy is expanding there is a possibility that our World will changes it's position just like mercury did  we call its from 3 dimension to 4 dimension .
According to many scientist every 11 year Sun produce such a high electromagnetic with other rays that it could disturb or destroy things completely such as satellites , space stations and other earthly signals, I know your question will be why every 11 years why not every 2 or 1 years well it is a simple answer that  the Sun store during 11 years and it reach at maximum point that the sun will release all it's energy as it stores . Well it can also influences our environment such even more effect on global warming
           Considering all the facts what I think is that this world will face "something "   this something is indescribable, yet well all have to face.

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