Monday, June 22, 2015

T.E.S part 1

 ( T.E.S )

Chapter 1  : TIME
This is one of focus topic  , where I like to explain time both in omnipotent continuity and also as relative .

Omnipotent is often describe as greater  , superior , ultimate power  and many more,  for instance a person have a power to grab a baby chick from its place and shifted to another , he further have a power not to feed a baby chick . As per baby chick point of view he ( person ) have ultimate power . Baby chick  for the sake of his life he pray to the person hand to give him food and not to shift him away from his folks . As per omnipotent time can be shift , it can be change , it can be control and have a dynamic movement .

I'm not a fan of mixing religion with Science , however in this scenario . I would like to put a thought vision . To begin with God's point of view , from His throne . The ultimate time begins from him  believing that God's throne is in Center of the Universe , therefore ultimate time does have a center  and is has been given a push to begin .
Image a puddle  which is not too deep and not too wide , the water inside is very still .  if  you drop a pebble in that water it starts to make wave  from where the pebbles dropped . Believing God's throne heavier than the mass of the universe and where it is place its caused curve . Putting it in more imaginative way   there is a place in universe which is  highly massive that it keeps the whole universe towards it  , causes both pushing and pulling , as it gets more lighter it releases it's force in shape of ripples . These ripples generate two new effects  , first which is ultimate time and other expansion .

Ultimate time and expansion are related ,  However Ultimate time still continues without expansion   but on the other hand universal expansion can never occur without  the ultimate time ripples .

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fading Blackholes

    Does After Black-hole Phenomena Exist ?

 The theory of hawking radiation , states, Black Holes doesn't always stay as it . However they slowly radiate away at the rate of  1/3 of the speed of light  this speed of radiating black hole could be altered only if have its own spin . 

But , today we are not discussing  about Black hole fully . Even though we will discuss the formation of black holes later on . The point of this article is to put an assumption about, what happens after the black hole radiate away ? Or, Is it ever possible for Black hole to completely vanish away from our space-time ?

The formation of blackhole occurs when the massive star bigger than Chandrasekhar's Limit which is of about 18 to 19 times bigger than our Sun  , begins to looses it's nuclear energy and as it looses the core of the star is such in highly dense the gravity  starts to pull over the nuclear energy . The nuclear energy in the center of the star get weaken and as it does the star collapse into infinities density point and forms the black hole . The black hole contains three spheres or rings around it . First is the sphere of photo , here the gravitation pull is higher than most of all curve space-time massess . However if any object enters inside this there is a possibility to escape away , more importantly light itself can escape from here . Second is the Event Horizon , here escaping is not so easy ! If the matter and light enter in the Event Horizon possibility of them escaping away it 1/3 and 1/2 from their potentiality respectively.  Third part is what know as Singularity , here escaping is impossible once matter or light goes inside could never come out .  In a different sense Singularity is the mouth of Black Hole . Also Black Hole is a messy eater.

 The Hawking radiation .

Hawking radiation explains , the Black hole does not always stay as it is , however due to constant momentum and destruction of masses  , black hole radiate away in a form of energy and mass as black hole slowly looses it potential . The radiation starts from the photon sphere as  one mass knocks out another and spin off into cosmos .Also due to constantly spin and increasing into the momentum the mass that going inside the black hole center can also get shredded and turns it's surface structure into the form of energy ,this mean that black hole doesn't always eat up till it's stomach gets fill and then close up , it might dies or radiate due to starving .
 But , since some of the Black holes are as much old as our universe . It is possible that black holes will ever radiate ? Or  If they will fade away , Are they going to leave gaping hole in our curve space time or simply close their self like zip wrap ?


If we imagine Black hole into curve space time , it provide curve cone , the depth or height of the cone depend on the Event horizon , suppose if  the distance from a point of A to B in the Event Horizon is 300 light years roughly of about 2.838x10^15 in kilometers. This takes around 1.5(2.838x10^15 )light years for the black hole to zip up , however this is one of the smallest kind of an Black Hole . If the intake of the matter inside the center gets filled ,  Now imagine the black hole itself closing down and all the masses that has been converted into energy drifted away , however some matter who are lucky enough to get into the point of singularity , are they gone forever  and Vanished from our Cosmos  ?

Holes in the fabric of Cosmos.

To answer the previous question , First we need to imagine another possibility when the black hole completely radiate away or looses it's power .

Imagine there is large pond filled with drinking water , but every now and then random person comes and take about  a bucket water from the pond. Since this happen very frequently , that the pond dries out then it's predicted time , however it leaves a large dung filled with soft squeaky mud, even though the outer most layer of the mud turns into salty sand after while . Here you can imagine black hole which is drying out and the cone is shrinking either vertically or horizontally . It is not possible for the cone to  shrink in both ways at the same time due to the reason of curve space time.

Once again , imagine the pond which was once muddy and squeaky , if you want to you could just dig hole in that area trying to bring up the water . But as much as you try there is lesser chance to get the water simply because the dry period have overly come over . Now , imagine this whole process in black hole  as the event horizon radiating  which is making center of the black hole smaller in the radius , Since the  radius of event horizon is  also decreasing (drying out ) , on the other hand it is revealing center of the black hole for the matter to get inside , this makes the black hole's stomach full faster , therefore creating more chances for black hole to burst into the cosmos spreading more exotic energies . Meanwhile  there is a slight chance for the black hole to get smaller and small and then simply fade away.
Although , it might be possible for black hole to never leave it's place . Just imagine a glass of water if you take half out of it then half left , then again take half out of it left with one quarter ,and so forth leave behind just one water molecule , you can perhaps say that there is no more black hole but in reality there is the tiniest particles representing it .

In the nutshell

we reach that there are other possibilities subsequently completion radiation of black hole , however we also reach in conclusion that black never leaves it remain there maybe in smaller radius .

Do let me know which one you think is possible in the comments below.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Curving Time



Before I begin  , I would like to state I have read and research about time and  space time both separately . Whereas in this conjecture I focus on the time alone .

In one of the lecture by  Stephen Hawking  said, "As we look out at the universe, we are looking back in time, because light had to leave distant objects a long time ago, to reach us at the present time. This means that the events we observe lie on what is called our past light cone. The point of the cone is at our position, at the present time. As one goes back in time on the diagram, the light cone spreads out to greater distances, and its area increases. However, if there is sufficient matter on our past light cone, it will bend the rays of light towards each other. This will mean that, as one goes back into the past, the area of our past light cone will reach a maximum, and then start to decrease. It is this focusing of our past light cone, by the gravitational effect of the matter in the universe, that is the signal that the universe is within its horizon, like the time reverse of a black hole. If one can determine that there is enough matter in the universe, to focus our past light cone, one can then apply the singularity theorems, to show that time must have a beginning".

In sense , that quantity of time increases backwards if the matter in "cone" increases or remain in sufficient amount , this proves that time was a part of Big Bang. Moreover , my hypothesis is capturing the view of time in the Big Bang and before it.


However, I have been asked to correct myself  about time.On my previous post I've explained time in different manner , Advocates who believe Time is usually describe continuous motion by an event or an object , while considering its momentum and applying it to judge the past and predict future from a singular point, This is what we known as Psychological Time and the arrow of this time is  always forward. On the other hand , there is a second type of time which is known as dynamic time; where the second law of thermodynamics apply an Entropy , where disorder increases with time. Simply , If a cup  breaks down it will keep falling into pieces and the event that breaks the cup will eventually never , although the position of the cup could if a person have ability to travel back in time.  The arrow of this Time is consider to be forward , thus psychological and the dynamic time can be sum together into one occasionally, However we will consider each of the separately. Multi Time , it is a time line. It consist of multiverse which is a transaction or replica of our universe . Here if you will time travel to past and interface meeting between your grandpa and grand mother which subsequently remove the existence of yourself in your time , therefore it will impossible for you to travel back to the present time.


Apparently the big bang occurred nearly 14 billions years ago , One unbelievable fact that any blackhole which are present and active are consider to be the same age as the Universe or could be much older . Anyhow, The theory suggested that at the time  of  Big Bang , the universe  blast it subatomic particles and they slowly diverge to expand their area and up till now the universe is continuously expanding . Since there was no on to observe the Big bang , it is a possibility that the universe itself can transact from one phase to another and these transactions are  still expanding .

If we consider this transaction model , we can see that our universe could be the new phase of our parental universe . Since there is no beginning of our universe subsequently it  leads to that time is not a singularity  . Therefore curving time will be pointless , If our universe really have a parental universe then we could find the age of our parental universe but it will take us roughly another century.


Imagine yourself at the time when Big Bang was about to occur , here you don't exist and  you're simply observing the phenomena .

At the time where every matter and anti matter was at the point of singularity , you observe nothing but a small ball with every thing inside . Afterwards , a huge explosion which is million times bigger than the nuclear bomb held . At that moment what you observed is might be because time  , since time let you see the events therefore it might be a possibility that time even started before or just at the beginning of the universe .  I used  word "might" here since  there could a parental universe  which could even start the time before our universe .


If  we could describe time as wave then  consequently we could frame time as the part of a singularity without any doubts . Since we know waves are created through continuous changes in momentum or by a force which cause disorder . Since we know about entropy principal which is  the rate of disorder increases with time, as above  imagining  universe compact in a single ball shape . Whereas afterwards everything disarray , time itself could begin in a shape of wave and that place or a single point where universe starts , it could be possible the universe itself begin with a stated time  , perhaps one can consider that time wavelength from a singular point, as it hit our World  the time past by . This could be the similar phenomena as Einstein explained in general relativity  as in fabric based universe if a center of mass disappear suddenly ( Sun ) and the objects or planets revolving around the Sun will not vanish until that fabric wave will hit them or pass by it . Every wave of time represent and collect the event , However this is the time we are using as an entropy one should not confuse this wave time with physiological time . Furthermore ,  time wave could occur by force i.e when a pebble drops in water it starts to make waves , moreover if the water is in marble ground in lesser volume then the lake and if you tap in that water it gets a sudden push to expand itself  through waves. In case of time wave it could even increase the rate of distort as it hit the boundaries of the universe . Thus  our chances of increasing the proportionality of observable universe will not exceed after certain point.

Curving Time 

There are lots of possibilities that time could be the part of singularity . Also time can be the reason the big bang occur  while including other factors . Whereas believing in time wave which could be the source of invisible matter and this matter will appear when we might able to see other dimensions.  On the other hand , if our parental universe is possibly approved while declining the Big Bang then perhaps the origin of time will never exist .

It is up to you that whether to believe if time exist before or after the big bang . For myself , I value the Time much more now than before .

Thank  you for reading my blog and  please leave  your thoughts below in the comment.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


A Time Traveling Hypothesis

Considering time travel where a matter could travel through realistic time , which could be past or future. This conjecture will simply explain the ways matter could time travel, while ignoring other factors or effects for instance ; gravity and its effects on slowing the time.

Also , I need to mention that my hypothesis is assumed from real theories and this hypothesis could be develop further in future ,whereas taking realistic time and ignoring imaginary time .

Explaining Time

Time is usually describe continuous motion by an event or an object , while considering its momentum and applying it to judge the past and predict future from a singular point or moment. For instance if  I'm in the middle race track ,  I observe that  a runner is running around the race track in fixed or uncertain momentum . Here I will judge his momentum from specific point and in my frame of reference if his speed will slow down then he reached the specific point late then expected . Here Time is singularity from an observer point of view and depending on observe time could be different .

Time Traveling in Multiverse

I consider multiverse individual replicate of the previous universe. Since multiverse theory is about  a star collapsing and turns itself into a blackhole , the blackhole itself creates a big bang at its center for a new universe.  Blackhole's center are imagined to have strongest gravitational field or something with similar effect of gravity , this combines the particles for a new big bang ! Since this explains that additional universe will be the replicate of our universe perhaps our universe could be the replicate of another universe , anyhow, you can imagine multiverse as a slice of beard , here all the slices are in equal size and the slices are separate in each plates . You can move from one plate to another plate, while considering these plates are past and future. If the body would time travel in multiverse , it will probably jump from one universe to another. Therefore past and future time traveling could be possible

Can Wormhole could be the path for time travelers ?

According to Einstein - Rosen Bridge , the theory sated E-R bridge is topologically hypothetical pathway in space time to reduce the distance of the curvature universe .However according to the theory they can not tell situation of  observer who will travel or be inside the E-R bridge .

Basically, if I will travel from point A to point B  it will usually take me 100 minutes if I would be traveling at the speed of light , on the other hand if I will take my journey through wormhole my journey time will reduce , due to my own speed plus the push of wormhole, i.e, the journey through wormhole from A to point B would be only 10 minutes . How time traveling could be easy with wormhole  ?  having basic knowledge of  higher speed reduce both time and distance , Observer might travel into future , but with an unknown arrival point observer needs more time to travel back to view point and lets call this view point  Earth . Since the galaxy is further away from the observer  it would take equal time for both galaxy and the observer to meet up therefore when the observer will reach at the view point his time would be similar to the earthlings time. It is much better for traveler/observer to use wormhole to shorten the distance in between to galaxies or planets.

Quantum Tunneling  Conjecture

Quantum tunneling is quantum mechanics effect where a lower energetic particle  having  a probability to cross the barrier while not having enough energy or lower energy provided . Moreover, imagine a particle in a shape of a ball, the place where you stand is place A and place B is much higher the whole is in a U  loop shape , you drop a ball from place A but does not reach  place B even though more energy is provided . As explained above in quantum mechanics there is a probability that ball could pass through  wall . Check out youtube/minutephysics Henry have explained quantum tunneling simply over there .

Although, quantum tunneling is based on the probability. If you imagine yourself as an observer traveling near to the speed of light  it could be C^2/2  while encircling around our galaxy on the other way , i.e, you will encircle the galaxy on y axis  whereas galaxy moving in x axis . Due to the quantum tunneling effect you will probably in finite amount even if the rate of energy is reducing. Although you will travel to the future while skipping all the events held at that time .


In conclusion  

Time traveling is 100% possible and not just we knowing the fact that you all are time traveling  in every moment  but indeed it is possible can be done to skip the timeline and jump into the future . If any flying object would establish which will travel swiftly , it really does not need large amount of energy since you know quantum tunnel involvement . While believing curvature universe if that flying object will gain more mass due to E=MC^2  if the object becomes heavier more universal fabric comes towards it , therefore shorter the distance . However the possibility or traveling back in time is impossible because if any event held and time has been elapsed it would be uncontrollable to push back the earth. Time itself is a singularity while skipping the time and reaching the journey earlier it makes yourself younger than anybody else  with this I could state that time traveling to the future in possible .

Monday, August 18, 2014

Possible Ways For Universe To Collapse

Possible Ways For Universe To Collapse

Big bang occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago, afterwards the particles started to expand and further collide to become stars and galaxies. More  galaxies formed and universe started to expand . The universe formed into an giant infinite sized map. Due to infinite expanding of the universe the question raised in my mind, In which possible way the Universe could collapse.

First Possibility

Since the discovery of the Higgs Boson, one of the possibility could be that every particle will gain more mass and energy due to the higgs field this will make particles becomes heavier than their actual mass. The particle's momentum will decrease, eventually this will cause all the masses to slow down their movement and stop expanding. The gravity will over come because as expansion is increasing gravitational force is getting near to zero and if the gravity overcome the open hand (universe) will turn into a fist ! The fist eventually will become tighter and tighter until the point, where all masses will collide into a small heated ball. 

Second Possibility

 The second state of higgs field is all over the universe and if it is denser just like what scientists thinks ,  the particles will start to become heavier as explained above, it would certainly start to wrap the universe like a giant bubble , you can imagine boiling water as bubbles pops up in random places.  The bubble of higgs field will travel at the speed of light and since higgs boson give mass to particles , elementary particles inside the bubble will continue to get heavier this will make them collide , whilst ending up being a small ball or compact space.

In the nutshell

Considering the strength and the magic of Higgs Boson , I purpose that both possibilities can happen and one of them could even start right now or just begin some moments ago . However if possibilities occurred near us ,  our galaxy would be  demolished by now. Furthermore, from my frame of reference, I believe standard model is still not finished yet and there are some more particle yet to be discover , if  more virtual particles will discover , it will flourish these possibilities into worst prediction.

Let me know about your ideas about the collapsing of the universe in the comments below and as always thank you for reading.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Definition of Knowledge

The Quantum Of Knowledge

Part 3 

 Previously, I discussed the four term which could be the basic ingredient of the word knowledge. Whereas some of the terms were accurately related to the word knowledge , while others were correct but they may or may not be related to word knowledge. However , now we reached at a point where I could explain you finally how we cab describe the word Knowledge.
The knowledge in the nutshell

Knowledge  have different definition from different frame of references, I believe that knowledge must include the term "experience". As the more person have experience they more confident, they have a stronger approach to the subject over any other person in the same category. Whereas the term "prospective" is related to the outcome of  experience, as the better the person's experience the better their judgement , therefore "Prospective" and "experience" are the basic pillars of the word knowledge. Furthermore , knowledge is the capacity of memory , so learning or educating yourself means you will increase your knowledge whether it is good or bad. But what if the person is uneducated ? Well a person always learn thing during his lifetime ,i.e, even if  a fisherman  will learn how to catch a big fish and avoid catching small rare fishes.Through this period his knowledge will increase and the time will come where he doesn't have to put effort in thinking and can easily catch the fishes with his knowledge and without wasting time . Although information is incorrect as I have explained in my previous parts ( link for them after the end ). Whereas Knowledge is  consistently eating the memory , information will be irrelevant as it fail to become a part of the memory.
Considering the above facts and previous understanding ,I will summarized the definition of

Knowledge is prolong time of learning or educating , while it implies through experience to make the prospective better .
If you got any thoughts about this topics , let me know in the comment below.

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Knowledge 2

                             The Quantum of Knowledge

Part 2

The quantum of knowledge lead us to describe the origin of  the "Word Knowledge".  Previously we describe the affect of information and experience and how they could be the pillar of knowledge. In this post we shall continue the other terms Prospective and Education whether they implement into the word "Knowledge" or not .

Prospective is actually use to describe the situation which will happen in future. However if we turn this word into believe , for instance coach said "John is hot prospective football player". This means that coach have enough knowledge to belief that John will become a great football player. Similarly  the same situation as we believe if the black or greyish clouds  comes over a town , then there will most likely to be a rainfall. As we predict the future or an upcoming event from our prospective, this is what knowledge could stand for.

Education it is keep encircling this world, and the amount of education is keep increasing, yet we know that a body  will increase in its appearance even if its fed in small amount. Similarly if you will teach a child that  two plus 2 equals to four , this gives the child an idea that even if he will put five plus five  its all adds up to 10. That kid now knowledge about "plus" while he get the education from his teacher. However education is limited and it could be achieved whether its is for good or for bad, as it can be over written. Being educated doesn't means that person is knowledgeable, i.e, Knowledge is somewhat like a universe keep expanding and education  is just bunch of galaxies , whilst both can not be without each other.

The problem with information

Lately, I discussed about information and how it could become the pillar of knowledge , but there are some slight problem which cancel out the information. Since we know information is  symmetrical order and if you haven't observed it ,it is impossible for you to continue the order , so it leaves you with a choice to create a new order, as this order  might be irrelevant  from the origin of the order.
 Therefore it is wrong to put information as one of the ingredient of the Word Knowledge.

 So how will we define knowledge, in the next post you will all know what the knowledge is finally. Stay tuned and as always thanks for reading.

 Here is the link to the Part 1 of this post below


Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The Quantum of Knowledge
Part 1

The word Knowledge has many different point of view for its description. However the question still derive , What is Knowledge ?

To understand the word Knowledge , we need to clarify  other aspects such as information , experience, prospective and education

The information is something collective and something which can been achieved during the period of time. for instance , When you're visiting a city the area and place is new to you , and if you need to go to city's museum, you're mostly likely to ask the direction from an stranger. While the stranger tells you that museum is location  on the " View's street" next to cathedral. Now you have collected the information , and when you will go back to your country you will advise people that they must have visit the museum which is near to the cathedral, and they must have to view their monuments inside the museum. This is basically the set of collective information. On the other hand achieved information is something you just have discovered about any object ,i.e The Think , new information you achieved that it is created by Auguste Rodin in 1902.  But  A.Einstein said "information is not a knowledge". why is that ?  well we will continue about this later.

As we imagined that you went to museum with the information about its direction and now you have experienced  your time in museum. As the word experience is derived in , lets illustrates how Experience is relevant to Knowledge.

Experience is often defined as the event that which have left an impression on the person's life. Moreover , it is a time spend to learn about the behavior of  group of people or to spent a time about to understand the surrounding. While  if you will spend a time to learn about your surrounding environment , this increase your response and behavior towards the environment. As  simply experience also increases your diversity of learning. Therefore knowledge occurs.

Today we discuss the two section of the Quantum of Knowledge. Whilst prospective and education will be explain very soon.  In the end we will finally reach the part of what is Knowledge.

As Always Thank you for reading.

Here is the link for  Part 2 below

Friday, August 1, 2014


    The Mysterious Gravity 
The only thing mysterious about gravity  it is gravity itself. While you can define gravity in different ways for instance attraction of two massive objects , where one could have a greater mass then the other object , or both could have equal mass. Another explanation could be that gravity slow down the moving object for instance slowing the rate of expanding universe.

What is gravity made up of ?

Considering that every matter or anti matter is made up of somewhat elementary particles and their antis, We know that Gluon are the strong force , W and Z bosons are the weak forces and electromagnetism which is carried by photons. Gravity which is  as the fourth force, Considering it particle-less  then how do we really know that gravity exist ?

Is Gravity a Wave ?

General relativity, tells us that curvature movement in space-time is what we known as gravity , Let me explain you guys more briefly, We know the famous example of bowling ball on trampoline fabric ,  As you put the ball the fabric cause a depth , which bend down it's fabric towards the bowling ball. Further more, where ever that ball moves the fabric moves with it. Now imagine this bowling ball  as our Sun  , when the Sun spins it creates gravitational waves. how come waves are able to attract two bodies ? This is another mystery yet to solve.

Tachyons are hypothetical particles that travels at the speed of light , Photons on the other hand are light particles proven to exist , Gravitons on the other hand are virtual particles of gravity. Scientist have not discovered these particles as they consider to have tiny mass. If this particle will discover it will confirm the definition of gravity and bring out some more flaw in General relativity.

In the nutshell

The mysterious gravity still needs to be completed , Sir Newton could not be able to described it fully , while Einstein reaches some of its way to show what gravity could. However gravity remain a mystery , Whilst studying my whole life that gravity attracts two objects , I still not believe that gravity  is an fundamental force , I would say  that gravity is just an illusion .

Friday, July 25, 2014


How Scientists are the Real Super-Heroes

While some thinks that scientist, who creates the formula, which turn a normal human into a Super Hero. In reality, people do not realize that scientists are the Real Super Heroes.

Qualities of Super-Heroes  

 -Do good deeds to the community

  -Save the World from destruction and disasters

-They Wear Protective clothing

-They have abilities to change the world for better

-Push the Human Race Forward.

Good Deeds and Saving the World

While some people thinks that saving the World it’s impossible , They forget that scientist release discovery after discoveries that simplify the process to save the  world , Which is not only saving the World from acid rain , also providing cure to the Evil Villain Diseases. Recently,
Professor Ken Naitoh of Waseda University, have discovered the new compressive combustion principal which will double the efficiency of standalone engines up to 60%. This is one of the major acting of kindness and simply doing a good deed to the community and saving the World from Disasters.

Armors, Abilities & Force to Push.

We can take an example from the series Breaking Bad, Walter White A.K.A Heisenberg has worn yellow type of suit which is called a Hazmat suit. Scientist wear these types of costumes to protect themselves from Super Evil rays , while still managing to dodge from dangerous gases ,Outcome is the latest Discovery which further protects the Earth.

On the other hand, Super heroes have super strength and while some can fly or accelerates away from the Earth. Well not all the Scientists have these powers. But they have natural abilities to discover phenomena of flying or acceleration. For instance Albert Einstein, part of his general relativity stated that while standing on the earth in equals to standing in spacecraft which is constantly accelerating. Therefore differences between strength and using mind to solve the unsolvable nearly are in minimum numbers.

Pushing the human race forward to create the better future and making the world a better place is in the nature of every scientist, whilst some super scientist dedicated their life to serve humanity. Nikola Tesla is among the greatest examples of Super Heroes , he have devoted his life to invent something extra ordinary ,thus one of his extra ordinary invention is AC motors which generate electricity.

In conclusion, it takes decades to become a Super Scientist, Afterwards they spend their lives saving humanity and solving their community’s problems. Whilst believing that “With Great Power Comes, Great Responsibility”.