Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Hello smart people after couple of weeks  I'm writing this blog because  , I'ave been super doper busy .

 So recently a thought came up in my mind that . Let a s small particle shape like a plastic or rubber ball .Which is moving in the  constant speed ! not the velocity !!! ... As it is moving the Earthly dimension which is 3D . So as it gain so much energy due to movement it actually able to move  in Space time dimension which is 4D . The point is that when it will be in super position ( which is the position occur with out noticing it ).Will it be in the position of new dimension ?  or it will be in the position of old dimension which was 3D . or will be in the combine Dimension or none !! ... THIS thought is crazy running in my mind and always what will be the space of the ball ( particle will be in the  position ) . 

                        Write your thoughts about this in comment below ! and As always thanks for visiting :)


  1. Yeah, my question over it is... If the particle has a constant speed (that signifies it's a scalar quantity). But since it does not accelerate how can it "gain" some energy? Or is the speed the speed of light? Because if it is the speed of light then I think the particle can have so much energy within it that it can move to some higher dimension. Any corrections over it are appreciated :)

  2. LET say you have combine energy of appox 1500J ...as you run in a speed of 100 km/h and this is your constant speed that means your body is pushed and immediately runs at 100km/h .. so we can speed as scalar quantity .. Now since acceleration is the change is velocity in unit time .. so we reached now that your a moving at 100km/h .. since you're moving your momentum is increasing and since we know that momentum is either a complete lost of energy or gain . since energy conservation is transferring the energy.. you either transferring your 1500j or your eventually gaining it so it means we have reached super position because we don't know what is occurring within you .. so here was my point the particle is moving it can either gain or lost energy because its in superposition .
    MY concern was about the dimension i wasn't even noticing the speed or what other things .. so if you got any thoughts about it's dimension then comment here .. I would appreciate it

  3. Amazing work...just a little English improving skills required