Thursday, February 7, 2013

Schrodinger's CAT

Schrodinger's cat is a paradox or theoretical quantum mechanics experiment its illustrates the concept of superposition 

    Here how he thought ; 
                          You can take a cat , steel box, Geiger counter attach with the hammer, poisonous gas and  the radio active substance.Now if we will place the cat in the steel box with all the other thing without knowing the intention of the decay of radio active , Let say if the atom decay and Geiger counter will let the hammer  smash the glass bottle contains the poisonous gas  this gas will make the  cat die eventually isn't it ? according to the quantum physics the cat will be died if there will be observation and a person will look inside the box .If the observer doesn't see the outcome the cat's fate is tied with the atom , but the atom itself exist in the superposition it can either decay or not decay . Thus the cat inside the box with out observation it could be both alive and be dead at same time !. 
only way to know is to open the box hence our curiosity kills the cat .

This experiment tells us that  even the small of atom can not be observe with out changing it's process.
They stay in a superposition!


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