Monday, June 22, 2015

T.E.S part 1

 ( T.E.S )

Chapter 1  : TIME
This is one of focus topic  , where I like to explain time both in omnipotent continuity and also as relative .

Omnipotent is often describe as greater  , superior , ultimate power  and many more,  for instance a person have a power to grab a baby chick from its place and shifted to another , he further have a power not to feed a baby chick . As per baby chick point of view he ( person ) have ultimate power . Baby chick  for the sake of his life he pray to the person hand to give him food and not to shift him away from his folks . As per omnipotent time can be shift , it can be change , it can be control and have a dynamic movement .

I'm not a fan of mixing religion with Science , however in this scenario . I would like to put a thought vision . To begin with God's point of view , from His throne . The ultimate time begins from him  believing that God's throne is in Center of the Universe , therefore ultimate time does have a center  and is has been given a push to begin .
Image a puddle  which is not too deep and not too wide , the water inside is very still .  if  you drop a pebble in that water it starts to make wave  from where the pebbles dropped . Believing God's throne heavier than the mass of the universe and where it is place its caused curve . Putting it in more imaginative way   there is a place in universe which is  highly massive that it keeps the whole universe towards it  , causes both pushing and pulling , as it gets more lighter it releases it's force in shape of ripples . These ripples generate two new effects  , first which is ultimate time and other expansion .

Ultimate time and expansion are related ,  However Ultimate time still continues without expansion   but on the other hand universal expansion can never occur without  the ultimate time ripples .

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  1. Nice. This was quite clear. But I don't understand why does the still water need to create ripples? In the context of universe, why the highly massive substance need to create the ripples to create two new effects at the first place itself?