Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Theory # 2


Few days ago when i was browsing about possibilities of time travelling , I end  up with lots of thing that we could even time travel through wormhole , by traveling at speed of light  or even travel to black whole which will slow down the movement through gravity . I'm going to describe this briefly in below :

Firstly,I would like to start  with  
WORM HOLE  and BLACK HOLE . Well worm hole is basically known as time transporting phenomenon where object could disappear and can come out of different part of universe or galaxies , they are basically ticket to future . It works like an 2 dimension transporter which take an object and makes it comes out on an other area or some where in future , since its 2 dimensional its more possible to to make an object come out on completely in different time it either could be future or past . As black holes are in space is a field where gravity is such high level that no object could get away from it even light ! well now here what is scientist thinks  , Imagine an spaceship which fly towards the black hole and revolve around the black hole due to high gravity the speed will be absorb down by black hole as the spaceship will move around since speed will slow down at one point there can be spaceship could be appear or the rays of speed could be appear this tells us that there could be the possibilities of time travelling imagine you will be in that spaceship you can see your self in past all your movements ! .

Since there is the possibilities to time travel by  moving at speed of light .Well, We all know about Einstein Theory of Relativity.The speed of light is constant.And if someone travels close to the speed of light; time goes slower.

 Now here is what I think. in all our lifetime we believe that inside UFOs there must be an alien which may comes from another planet .

However as the Universe is expanding  there might be the possibilities of existence of our future one already do exist , What if the future generation might be right they already build the UFO there to travel at the speed of light we can consider this UFO as FUTURE AIRPLANES and here it have been use to time travel . The question is then why doesn't they land on the Earth , well maybe they don't want to disturb the present or in there case the past . 

- As always thanks for reading and if you have any question or doubts or suggestion please ask below ! -

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