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Earlier  , I mentioned about gravity  on my theory #1 and if in case I didn't lets face it we are awesome we know what it is cause we all are physicist .

As story goes 1665 , A young guy was sitting under a tree and apple just fall onto him that guy was Isaac Newton one of the brilliant mind of all the time. What he thought was how does an apple will simply fall on the ground why it doesn't go up ward or remain at same position . Then he thought what if is there a force acting on the center of the that pulling it downward. Which might be greater then any other force ..

His theory of gravity made him recognize in world wide . Then  he further discover that this forces makes moon orbit around the world and  including with other planets the Earth orbits around the Sun.But he had an embarrassing secret , that he had no idea how gravity actually works .

Now according to newton theory he thought if the sun suddenly get destroyed or vaporized , The Planets will immediately fly out of their orbits going of into space.

But Einstein saw a " BIG " problem with Newtons theory a problem that  aroused his work with light Einstein knew that light doesn't travel instantaneously  and he showed that nothing not even gravity can travel faster than light. He thought that how come Earth could leave the orbit before the light reaching out from our eyes.

What Einstein told us to imagine to suppose if there is a  heavy ball (Sun) in huge elastic fabric sheet or just in trampoline if we drop other small ball ( we ll call it earth or a planet ) . Here's what  is going to happen it will eventually go around and act as an orbit revolving toward to the center and if we  remove that heavy ball there will be a repel wave just like a stone drop in water . So we won't feel a change untill this wave will reach to the earth now after that the earth will move away from the orbit . What Einstein calculate that these repels of gravity travel at speed of light .Einstein gave the world a new image or gravity that it works in  curves .
Einstein call this new picture of gravity "General relatively"

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