Sunday, August 10, 2014

Definition of Knowledge

The Quantum Of Knowledge

Part 3 

 Previously, I discussed the four term which could be the basic ingredient of the word knowledge. Whereas some of the terms were accurately related to the word knowledge , while others were correct but they may or may not be related to word knowledge. However , now we reached at a point where I could explain you finally how we cab describe the word Knowledge.
The knowledge in the nutshell

Knowledge  have different definition from different frame of references, I believe that knowledge must include the term "experience". As the more person have experience they more confident, they have a stronger approach to the subject over any other person in the same category. Whereas the term "prospective" is related to the outcome of  experience, as the better the person's experience the better their judgement , therefore "Prospective" and "experience" are the basic pillars of the word knowledge. Furthermore , knowledge is the capacity of memory , so learning or educating yourself means you will increase your knowledge whether it is good or bad. But what if the person is uneducated ? Well a person always learn thing during his lifetime ,i.e, even if  a fisherman  will learn how to catch a big fish and avoid catching small rare fishes.Through this period his knowledge will increase and the time will come where he doesn't have to put effort in thinking and can easily catch the fishes with his knowledge and without wasting time . Although information is incorrect as I have explained in my previous parts ( link for them after the end ). Whereas Knowledge is  consistently eating the memory , information will be irrelevant as it fail to become a part of the memory.
Considering the above facts and previous understanding ,I will summarized the definition of

Knowledge is prolong time of learning or educating , while it implies through experience to make the prospective better .
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