Sunday, May 26, 2013



Well as , I wrote before about Peter Higgs  and his the most amazing discover of Higgs Boson particle.
So here I 'll tell you what Higgs Boson is :

This takes us back to early  1960  when the Prof. Higgs discovered the BOSON particle which was unfortunately denied .


First of all we need to know the standard model of physics , which contain 6 quarks , 6 leptons and  and 5 gauge Bosons including the higgs boson . Basically HIGGS BOSON consist of a Bosonic field which gives a particle its matter !  .If   I'll explain you in the simple  way I can say that  let say there is a quarks  which enters boson field and where it gets involved with other Higgs boson particle which give quarks it mass thus as quark gains mass according to their level of field and that is why Higgs boson is known as the particle which gives other fundamental particle matters  , However light partciles like photon they are mass less  so they went through across the bosonic  field and there you go they become mass less particles .

EARLY theory estimated  that  higgs boson have energy of 10 TeV.  But now since the discovery of TOP QUARK . Its leads us to say that Higgs boson have energy perhaps in hundreds .
However as research tells us that according to T and W  quarks its estimated that Higgs BOSON have energy of nearly 199.766 TeV .

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  1. Theres actually a new theory stating that most of you mass actually doesn't come from the higgs field and actually comes from energy because if you turn around E=mc2 you get m=E/c2 and only your electrons interact with the higgs field so they don't go to the speed of light. Source: http://youtu.be/Ztc6QPNUqls

  2. Well as a particle physicist ,I can't really agree , Its true that Meson pair can make a real vacuum , but the mass is actually consist by higgs . this equation tells us the energy that particle contains if the particle have certain energy how much mass it will help .. it doesn't tell how how that particle like lepton get from .. they get their mass from higgs bosonic field ..