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As, I  go to gym  I have a very cool gym instructor , he always tell me uzair eat good and eat red meat to gain more mass . But the question is  "what is mass ? " . So basically in physics the mass is something matter is composed of , let say if there is more matter is an object which basically means that object will be more heavier , However it doesn't mean that large object will have more mass then small one . Let say a balloon bigger then your body doesn't mean it will have more mass than you because you fairly heavier than a balloon .

In physics we also describe mass that it resist the motion of an accelerating object and  from newton second theory about motion  F=ma  we can even calculate certain type of mass .Al thought we can also calculate mass of particles from the most famous equation of energy equivalence mass
E=mc^2 we can find the mass of fundamental particles ....... But the question remains , How any atom or particle gets mass from , well we can first say that fundamental particles makes an atom so where does fundamental particles like " up quark " get mass from .Well this question has been answered 
( finally ) ! from the discovery of higgs boson particle . The higgs gives every particle matters and these particles collide and give and atom its mass  ..

Well now we know what mass is  and how we can  measure mass of objects and particles ..
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