Friday, August 16, 2013

Time dilation

Theory of special relativity : TIME DILATION

The time dilation of special relativity works in length contraction way  so here how it works . according to this theory  if observer travels at the speed of light  towards any where  the time will start to get slower and the contraction begins . Also if you will travel away from gravitational force  the time will start to become slower again and I'm not kidding ,I actually experienced it  well according to my calculation the person should be at above 55th floor in order  to slow the time from the earthing time . Another way to explain this let say you're traveling in outer space at speed of light for next ten years and your girlfriend or someone as same age of yours at  your home waiting for you  and when you will return actually you will age younger then them because your earthling time will be slower this is what actually special relativity of time dilation tells that is why astronauts are younger than us .



  1. I can imagine an astronaut being relatively younger to us but I just am not able to accept that fact. Does a person need specific time to become younger to anyone by a specific age?

  2. What understand from your question that and if we are talking about age , I describe age as time spent in relative gravitational field , where if a person ( A ) is 50 years old and that person is in space rolling around chilling and his friend ( B ) is 50 years old as well and that person is in strong gravitational field let say planet like earth , Now there is less gravity pull on person A that means time is little slower than on person B ,but the chemical body age or appearance of those people will be same for both of them. but as the person (A) comes back to Earth and meet the person (B) both will have same age as long as they move relative to each other