Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Dark Matter

Most of the time we discover things which cannot be seen and yet they truly cover up our whole universe. Besides Black Hole  scientists believes that there is another sort of invisible matter cover our Universe like a Blanket in cover us up in the summer , not fully but partially. These Matters are Dark Matter , Dark Energy & Exotic Matte.

The Dark Matter  is does not interact with electromagnetic force, thus is doesn't reflect , emits light. It's like  a new kid in school not popular , but yet have much phenomenal ability. Scientist have discover the matter through gravitational effect on the surrounding. The question is that what this Matter contains? Is it supersymmetric particles ? or Is it something yet to be discover ?

Scientist from LHC thinks that these Dark matter particles are light enough to produce in LHC, Also mentioning that they will be super light  and will pass against detector unnoticed.

On my next blog I will write about Dark Energy and the difference between Dark energy and Dark matter and how these things are against each other.

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