Wednesday, June 11, 2014


On my previous post, I've discuss Dark matter and it's existences , how can we identify it and what it really does. According to A.Einstein empty space is not really empty , as he believes that it contains energy that is continuously spreading and expanding, thus the energy will not get lighter  or perhaps gets diluted , the energy itself fills up and this energy is Dark Energy.

The universe is expanding in constant acceleration because of dark energy. Galaxies are colliding and clustering because of dark energy and  dark matter itself its clustering away.

Another explanation of Dark energy scientist describe it as quintessence. Quintessence is named after fifth element, Scientist thinks that this is a form of dynamic fluid or field. A dynamic fluid or field  is something have effect on expansion in the universe , but it  is opposite as normal matter and normal energy. How ever we know that dark energy is something that does not interact at all with electromagnetic field, Thus dark energy and dark matter both comes inside " THE EXOTIC MATTER".

Ultimate question comes in my mind that; what will happen to universe if it will stop expanding or what will happen if it will continue expanding ?.

Let me know about your thoughts about these questions in the comments below and as always thanks for reading. 

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