Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Touching is an illusion

                         TOUCHING IS AN ILLUSION ?

One of the few reasons that you may not like science that it corrupt peoples mind and make them disagree , and likewise  what if I will tell you that whatever you're touching and feeling is an illusion . Today's topic is ; How touching is an Illusion ?

The main reason that we are feeling things is the pressure and heat we receive from electrons . As we all know that electrons repels with an other electrons , thus two or more atoms can not collide with each other.We know that every elementary atoms have their own properties , and lets imagine an iron table and we are putting our hand against that table and pressing it , what we feel in our hand is getting stiffer and also we feel pressure and heat receiving from that table. As electrons inside our hand and the electron inside of the iron table , they are repulsing each other and since they repulse. The force creates this heat and repulse creates the pressure.

 A Little help from Quarks to Quasars explain why do we feel the suffer even if we are not touching
I’m sure some of you will wonder: “If electron repulsion prevents us from ever truly touching anything, why do we perceive touch as a real thing?” The answer boils down to how our brains interpret the physical world. In this case, there are a number of factors at work. In short, the nerve cells that make up our body send signals to our brain that tells us we are physically touching something, when the  sensation of touch is merely given to us by our electron’s interaction with – and its repulsion from – the electromagnetic field permeating spacetime; one medium electron waves propagate through.
Also note that various things play a role here in making collections of particles into tangible things. We have things such as chemical bonding and, of course, the four primary forces mentioned above. Chemical bonds allow electrons to “latch on” to imperfections within an object’s surface, creating friction.

Summing up with an example , Lets imagine yourself in front of a magician, now he brings you two sponge balls ( red in color to be more specific ) . He makes sure that you have one ball in you hand and the other ball in his hand , and  when he opens his hand its empty! and you're ending up having two balls on your hand .  Now this example really explains that touching is an illusion you guys just have to figure it out .

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