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Early scientist use to think that Atoms are fundamentals ,later on they got to know that atom consist of protons and neutrons inside the nucleus and these two were fundamental. After further decades and centuries they figure out that  the protons and neutrons are not fundamental but they have hadrons inside them and then inside it they found THE QUARKS , and till now we consider quarks fundamentals along with electrons but it is a whole different story. Today's topic highlight the Quarks their effects.

The simplest definition of quarks is that , Quarks are one type of matter particle. Most of the matter we see around us is made from protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks.Quarks are also a force carrier particles , they also have very significant property and that is they carry color charge.But before explaining what is color charge and fractional charge quarks carry. Let me tell you about three flavors of quarks;

(Up quark and Down quark) , (Strange quark and Charm quark ) , (Bottom quark and Top quark ).

Now imagine Up and down in blue color , Strange and charm in yellow color and Bottom and top in green color.

As these groups does not simply come in pairs because a quark is never single, its always with some other quark for example Baryons consist of three quarks (qqq) baryons have one Up and two down Quarks and in between these quarks they exchange fractional force  because they are know to be as force carrier particles.

Also  these quark have similar antiquark with them for instance up quark have similar antiup quark , these anti quarks have similar properties but opposite and equal charge , Now just imagine Meson particle as batman's two face villain considering his good side as up quark and bad side as anti up quark altogether  they make up the two face ( Meson ) .

There are two type of fractional force , one is electromagnetic force where quarks exchange photons with one an other while the other is the color force.

The Gluon

Since we know that the strong bond in between quarks are electromagnetic force , but what is through greater mass this electromagnetic force breaks down ? Will every proton and neutron started to get apart from each other  , well it can't be  because quarks also have an other different charge which is   "color charge " , now the force in together them is so strong that scientist name this strong force as glue - on  "gluon".

How gluon benefits the quarks ?
When two quarks meets up they exchange photon in electromagnetic interaction alongside with gluons and YES! quarks exchange gluon and create a very strong color force field ! now this field makes quarks to not get separate. 

Till now that for all. If you have any questions regarding Quarks let me know in the comments below.

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