Friday, July 25, 2014


How Scientists are the Real Super-Heroes

While some thinks that scientist, who creates the formula, which turn a normal human into a Super Hero. In reality, people do not realize that scientists are the Real Super Heroes.

Qualities of Super-Heroes  

 -Do good deeds to the community

  -Save the World from destruction and disasters

-They Wear Protective clothing

-They have abilities to change the world for better

-Push the Human Race Forward.

Good Deeds and Saving the World

While some people thinks that saving the World it’s impossible , They forget that scientist release discovery after discoveries that simplify the process to save the  world , Which is not only saving the World from acid rain , also providing cure to the Evil Villain Diseases. Recently,
Professor Ken Naitoh of Waseda University, have discovered the new compressive combustion principal which will double the efficiency of standalone engines up to 60%. This is one of the major acting of kindness and simply doing a good deed to the community and saving the World from Disasters.

Armors, Abilities & Force to Push.

We can take an example from the series Breaking Bad, Walter White A.K.A Heisenberg has worn yellow type of suit which is called a Hazmat suit. Scientist wear these types of costumes to protect themselves from Super Evil rays , while still managing to dodge from dangerous gases ,Outcome is the latest Discovery which further protects the Earth.

On the other hand, Super heroes have super strength and while some can fly or accelerates away from the Earth. Well not all the Scientists have these powers. But they have natural abilities to discover phenomena of flying or acceleration. For instance Albert Einstein, part of his general relativity stated that while standing on the earth in equals to standing in spacecraft which is constantly accelerating. Therefore differences between strength and using mind to solve the unsolvable nearly are in minimum numbers.

Pushing the human race forward to create the better future and making the world a better place is in the nature of every scientist, whilst some super scientist dedicated their life to serve humanity. Nikola Tesla is among the greatest examples of Super Heroes , he have devoted his life to invent something extra ordinary ,thus one of his extra ordinary invention is AC motors which generate electricity.

In conclusion, it takes decades to become a Super Scientist, Afterwards they spend their lives saving humanity and solving their community’s problems. Whilst believing that “With Great Power Comes, Great Responsibility”.

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