Friday, July 11, 2014

Cosmic Rays


Cosmic rays which are also known as comic radiations , they are high energy subatomic particles which are showering  the Earth time to time. Cosmic rays consist ratio of Protons greater than any other particles up to almost 90%. which came from hydrogen nucleus . They have an ability to penetrate through the Earth's atmosphere. Where as Heavier particles often breaks down into another  particles , when the penetrate towards  the earth atmosphere.

What are the source of Comic-Rays ?

Scientist believed that some of the particles in cosmic rays are source of background radiation ,on the other hand  some of the particles like electrons whom are nearly 1% are from galactic cosmic radiation . Imaging radiation from black holes on  nearby galaxy can send radiation to our planet , thus galactic cosmic rays are possible since these particles have high energy and they travel in very high speed.

Protons , electrons and other lighter particles  !

Lighter particles which are conserved of heavier particles  , Due to high collision in the upper atmosphere . These lighter particles which are Pions and Kaons later decay into muons ,Therefore cosmic rays at the sea levels are Muons .

On the other hand , electrons radiates from phenomenon event that occurs in other galaxies , they are entirely unstable and less efficient comparing to an particle inside nucleus.

Lastly, Protons , there source can be solar comic ray or solar wind   also it can be background radiation . I believe background radiation as Protons source is less sufficient , since Particles from background radiation are nearly impossible to detect !. Protons  contact ultra high energy this makes them penetrate into the earth without doubt .

Comic Rays hitting us ?

Approximately 30 comic rays hits our body in every second and in average of 2592000 comic rays are hitting us every day . If one of them contacting any particle knock out the particles in your atom deep inside in cell . It can disturbance and make the atom unstable , later it leads to abnormal activity in your cell  and further it leads to abnormal growth or amount of growth of those cell in your body , finally you can end up having cancer .

While people worried that this cosmic rays cause cancer ! and yet they do not think positive that cosmic rays can be 70 % cause of the cancer ! .

In the Nutshell,   cosmic rays  can help us study more about the space and it's environment. However considering its negative effect on human race , It can help us to study more about the universe and moreover develop  futuristic machines or aircraft , which can push the human race forward.

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