Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The Quantum of Knowledge
Part 1

The word Knowledge has many different point of view for its description. However the question still derive , What is Knowledge ?

To understand the word Knowledge , we need to clarify  other aspects such as information , experience, prospective and education

The information is something collective and something which can been achieved during the period of time. for instance , When you're visiting a city the area and place is new to you , and if you need to go to city's museum, you're mostly likely to ask the direction from an stranger. While the stranger tells you that museum is location  on the " View's street" next to cathedral. Now you have collected the information , and when you will go back to your country you will advise people that they must have visit the museum which is near to the cathedral, and they must have to view their monuments inside the museum. This is basically the set of collective information. On the other hand achieved information is something you just have discovered about any object ,i.e The Think , new information you achieved that it is created by Auguste Rodin in 1902.  But  A.Einstein said "information is not a knowledge". why is that ?  well we will continue about this later.

As we imagined that you went to museum with the information about its direction and now you have experienced  your time in museum. As the word experience is derived in , lets illustrates how Experience is relevant to Knowledge.

Experience is often defined as the event that which have left an impression on the person's life. Moreover , it is a time spend to learn about the behavior of  group of people or to spent a time about to understand the surrounding. While  if you will spend a time to learn about your surrounding environment , this increase your response and behavior towards the environment. As  simply experience also increases your diversity of learning. Therefore knowledge occurs.

Today we discuss the two section of the Quantum of Knowledge. Whilst prospective and education will be explain very soon.  In the end we will finally reach the part of what is Knowledge.

As Always Thank you for reading.

Here is the link for  Part 2 below

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