Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Knowledge 2

                             The Quantum of Knowledge

Part 2

The quantum of knowledge lead us to describe the origin of  the "Word Knowledge".  Previously we describe the affect of information and experience and how they could be the pillar of knowledge. In this post we shall continue the other terms Prospective and Education whether they implement into the word "Knowledge" or not .

Prospective is actually use to describe the situation which will happen in future. However if we turn this word into believe , for instance coach said "John is hot prospective football player". This means that coach have enough knowledge to belief that John will become a great football player. Similarly  the same situation as we believe if the black or greyish clouds  comes over a town , then there will most likely to be a rainfall. As we predict the future or an upcoming event from our prospective, this is what knowledge could stand for.

Education it is keep encircling this world, and the amount of education is keep increasing, yet we know that a body  will increase in its appearance even if its fed in small amount. Similarly if you will teach a child that  two plus 2 equals to four , this gives the child an idea that even if he will put five plus five  its all adds up to 10. That kid now knowledge about "plus" while he get the education from his teacher. However education is limited and it could be achieved whether its is for good or for bad, as it can be over written. Being educated doesn't means that person is knowledgeable, i.e, Knowledge is somewhat like a universe keep expanding and education  is just bunch of galaxies , whilst both can not be without each other.

The problem with information

Lately, I discussed about information and how it could become the pillar of knowledge , but there are some slight problem which cancel out the information. Since we know information is  symmetrical order and if you haven't observed it ,it is impossible for you to continue the order , so it leaves you with a choice to create a new order, as this order  might be irrelevant  from the origin of the order.
 Therefore it is wrong to put information as one of the ingredient of the Word Knowledge.

 So how will we define knowledge, in the next post you will all know what the knowledge is finally. Stay tuned and as always thanks for reading.

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