Thursday, September 25, 2014

Curving Time



Before I begin  , I would like to state I have read and research about time and  space time both separately . Whereas in this conjecture I focus on the time alone .

In one of the lecture by  Stephen Hawking  said, "As we look out at the universe, we are looking back in time, because light had to leave distant objects a long time ago, to reach us at the present time. This means that the events we observe lie on what is called our past light cone. The point of the cone is at our position, at the present time. As one goes back in time on the diagram, the light cone spreads out to greater distances, and its area increases. However, if there is sufficient matter on our past light cone, it will bend the rays of light towards each other. This will mean that, as one goes back into the past, the area of our past light cone will reach a maximum, and then start to decrease. It is this focusing of our past light cone, by the gravitational effect of the matter in the universe, that is the signal that the universe is within its horizon, like the time reverse of a black hole. If one can determine that there is enough matter in the universe, to focus our past light cone, one can then apply the singularity theorems, to show that time must have a beginning".

In sense , that quantity of time increases backwards if the matter in "cone" increases or remain in sufficient amount , this proves that time was a part of Big Bang. Moreover , my hypothesis is capturing the view of time in the Big Bang and before it.


However, I have been asked to correct myself  about time.On my previous post I've explained time in different manner , Advocates who believe Time is usually describe continuous motion by an event or an object , while considering its momentum and applying it to judge the past and predict future from a singular point, This is what we known as Psychological Time and the arrow of this time is  always forward. On the other hand , there is a second type of time which is known as dynamic time; where the second law of thermodynamics apply an Entropy , where disorder increases with time. Simply , If a cup  breaks down it will keep falling into pieces and the event that breaks the cup will eventually never , although the position of the cup could if a person have ability to travel back in time.  The arrow of this Time is consider to be forward , thus psychological and the dynamic time can be sum together into one occasionally, However we will consider each of the separately. Multi Time , it is a time line. It consist of multiverse which is a transaction or replica of our universe . Here if you will time travel to past and interface meeting between your grandpa and grand mother which subsequently remove the existence of yourself in your time , therefore it will impossible for you to travel back to the present time.


Apparently the big bang occurred nearly 14 billions years ago , One unbelievable fact that any blackhole which are present and active are consider to be the same age as the Universe or could be much older . Anyhow, The theory suggested that at the time  of  Big Bang , the universe  blast it subatomic particles and they slowly diverge to expand their area and up till now the universe is continuously expanding . Since there was no on to observe the Big bang , it is a possibility that the universe itself can transact from one phase to another and these transactions are  still expanding .

If we consider this transaction model , we can see that our universe could be the new phase of our parental universe . Since there is no beginning of our universe subsequently it  leads to that time is not a singularity  . Therefore curving time will be pointless , If our universe really have a parental universe then we could find the age of our parental universe but it will take us roughly another century.


Imagine yourself at the time when Big Bang was about to occur , here you don't exist and  you're simply observing the phenomena .

At the time where every matter and anti matter was at the point of singularity , you observe nothing but a small ball with every thing inside . Afterwards , a huge explosion which is million times bigger than the nuclear bomb held . At that moment what you observed is might be because time  , since time let you see the events therefore it might be a possibility that time even started before or just at the beginning of the universe .  I used  word "might" here since  there could a parental universe  which could even start the time before our universe .


If  we could describe time as wave then  consequently we could frame time as the part of a singularity without any doubts . Since we know waves are created through continuous changes in momentum or by a force which cause disorder . Since we know about entropy principal which is  the rate of disorder increases with time, as above  imagining  universe compact in a single ball shape . Whereas afterwards everything disarray , time itself could begin in a shape of wave and that place or a single point where universe starts , it could be possible the universe itself begin with a stated time  , perhaps one can consider that time wavelength from a singular point, as it hit our World  the time past by . This could be the similar phenomena as Einstein explained in general relativity  as in fabric based universe if a center of mass disappear suddenly ( Sun ) and the objects or planets revolving around the Sun will not vanish until that fabric wave will hit them or pass by it . Every wave of time represent and collect the event , However this is the time we are using as an entropy one should not confuse this wave time with physiological time . Furthermore ,  time wave could occur by force i.e when a pebble drops in water it starts to make waves , moreover if the water is in marble ground in lesser volume then the lake and if you tap in that water it gets a sudden push to expand itself  through waves. In case of time wave it could even increase the rate of distort as it hit the boundaries of the universe . Thus  our chances of increasing the proportionality of observable universe will not exceed after certain point.

Curving Time 

There are lots of possibilities that time could be the part of singularity . Also time can be the reason the big bang occur  while including other factors . Whereas believing in time wave which could be the source of invisible matter and this matter will appear when we might able to see other dimensions.  On the other hand , if our parental universe is possibly approved while declining the Big Bang then perhaps the origin of time will never exist .

It is up to you that whether to believe if time exist before or after the big bang . For myself , I value the Time much more now than before .

Thank  you for reading my blog and  please leave  your thoughts below in the comment.


  1. Very Good.. But, lets not get the properties of light mixed up with time, light is like a clock, of time, but it doesn't mean by looking through the light, we are looking back in time, it just means light just takes that long to travel a certain distance, light is a recording, a foot print, a universal recorder, but it is not time, it is present, and the light ages just as you do, just as you run a certain distance. Time is all relative and I like the statement it is up to you to believe in time etc.. Because your theory states its impossible to travel back in time via the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which is exactly correct, that coffee cup can't pick itself back up and put itself back together, Entropy is something we are really just learning to understand... Nonetheless I do believe we can experience the past and the future via metaphysics, but the only moment to be recorded is this second, you can not travel fwd or backwards... Also just another point, make sure you learn to think for your self, just because Steven Hawkins said something doesn't mean its true, with that said, its most probably going to sound pretty good. But Science is never advanced by men who take the other mans word for it.. So take the information for checking.. Do not assume just because Hawkins or Einstein said something means its 100% correct.. Take it for Checking, but learn to form and write your own analogies and opinions etc.. Your own unique understandings, do your writing before your research :)

  2. WOOOOW ! .... AMAZING .... :' ) , thank you very very much for the kind comment and correction , I'm not even a physicist just a student who is struggling to go to college , while describing his mentality and love for physics in this blog . You're right ! I need more research and more research , but considering Hawking devotion I wanted to take his struggle explaining time in singularity , I very much believe he is right time is a part of singularity . In a way you're right that we should not believe about everything Einstein or Hawking said , since even Einstein was wrong about his cosmological constant .

    Please kindly tell me n which paragraph I mixed light with time . Then I will check and correct myself or I'll tell you about that paragraph more briefly .

    Thank you and please keep reading my blog because when people like Your ! read it then it motivates me and enthuse me to write more :)