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A Time Traveling Hypothesis

Considering time travel where a matter could travel through realistic time , which could be past or future. This conjecture will simply explain the ways matter could time travel, while ignoring other factors or effects for instance ; gravity and its effects on slowing the time.

Also , I need to mention that my hypothesis is assumed from real theories and this hypothesis could be develop further in future ,whereas taking realistic time and ignoring imaginary time .

Explaining Time

Time is usually describe continuous motion by an event or an object , while considering its momentum and applying it to judge the past and predict future from a singular point or moment. For instance if  I'm in the middle race track ,  I observe that  a runner is running around the race track in fixed or uncertain momentum . Here I will judge his momentum from specific point and in my frame of reference if his speed will slow down then he reached the specific point late then expected . Here Time is singularity from an observer point of view and depending on observe time could be different .

Time Traveling in Multiverse

I consider multiverse individual replicate of the previous universe. Since multiverse theory is about  a star collapsing and turns itself into a blackhole , the blackhole itself creates a big bang at its center for a new universe.  Blackhole's center are imagined to have strongest gravitational field or something with similar effect of gravity , this combines the particles for a new big bang ! Since this explains that additional universe will be the replicate of our universe perhaps our universe could be the replicate of another universe , anyhow, you can imagine multiverse as a slice of beard , here all the slices are in equal size and the slices are separate in each plates . You can move from one plate to another plate, while considering these plates are past and future. If the body would time travel in multiverse , it will probably jump from one universe to another. Therefore past and future time traveling could be possible

Can Wormhole could be the path for time travelers ?

According to Einstein - Rosen Bridge , the theory sated E-R bridge is topologically hypothetical pathway in space time to reduce the distance of the curvature universe .However according to the theory they can not tell situation of  observer who will travel or be inside the E-R bridge .

Basically, if I will travel from point A to point B  it will usually take me 100 minutes if I would be traveling at the speed of light , on the other hand if I will take my journey through wormhole my journey time will reduce , due to my own speed plus the push of wormhole, i.e, the journey through wormhole from A to point B would be only 10 minutes . How time traveling could be easy with wormhole  ?  having basic knowledge of  higher speed reduce both time and distance , Observer might travel into future , but with an unknown arrival point observer needs more time to travel back to view point and lets call this view point  Earth . Since the galaxy is further away from the observer  it would take equal time for both galaxy and the observer to meet up therefore when the observer will reach at the view point his time would be similar to the earthlings time. It is much better for traveler/observer to use wormhole to shorten the distance in between to galaxies or planets.

Quantum Tunneling  Conjecture

Quantum tunneling is quantum mechanics effect where a lower energetic particle  having  a probability to cross the barrier while not having enough energy or lower energy provided . Moreover, imagine a particle in a shape of a ball, the place where you stand is place A and place B is much higher the whole is in a U  loop shape , you drop a ball from place A but does not reach  place B even though more energy is provided . As explained above in quantum mechanics there is a probability that ball could pass through  wall . Check out youtube/minutephysics Henry have explained quantum tunneling simply over there .

Although, quantum tunneling is based on the probability. If you imagine yourself as an observer traveling near to the speed of light  it could be C^2/2  while encircling around our galaxy on the other way , i.e, you will encircle the galaxy on y axis  whereas galaxy moving in x axis . Due to the quantum tunneling effect you will probably in finite amount even if the rate of energy is reducing. Although you will travel to the future while skipping all the events held at that time .


In conclusion  

Time traveling is 100% possible and not just we knowing the fact that you all are time traveling  in every moment  but indeed it is possible can be done to skip the timeline and jump into the future . If any flying object would establish which will travel swiftly , it really does not need large amount of energy since you know quantum tunnel involvement . While believing curvature universe if that flying object will gain more mass due to E=MC^2  if the object becomes heavier more universal fabric comes towards it , therefore shorter the distance . However the possibility or traveling back in time is impossible because if any event held and time has been elapsed it would be uncontrollable to push back the earth. Time itself is a singularity while skipping the time and reaching the journey earlier it makes yourself younger than anybody else  with this I could state that time traveling to the future in possible .

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  1. I like what you say, but how about you write an essay on "TIME" because the reality is that the in the Universe, there is no such thing as Time, no past no future, Only NOW and the Universe is the recorder of those NOW moments, so just as its NOW on this side of the universe, its NOW on the other side of the Universe.. All one, all connected, no past no future only NOW!!