Sunday, July 6, 2014

Expanding Universe


On previous post I explained about the Quarks which are up till now known to be as elementary particles , along with other elementary particles and heat . Big Blast occurred and the dark energy started to expand.

Einstein Theory

A part of Einstein theory stated , when an object move away from an observer and go further away. The observer will see it that the object is appearing it to red color , this phenomenal you know as redshift. Einstein observe this through telescope , His theory contains that objects which are moving are due to their velocity and regardless of their surface itself moving . Basically he was mention  that the universe is static universe . Static universe which mean universe is neither expanding nor collapsing and infinite and finite at the same time . This explaination contains a constant in his solution which is Cosmological Constant , the CC cancelled out gravity on very large scale . When Hubble discover that the universe is expanding , Einstein called his  "Cosmological Constant" his greatest  blunder.

Edwin Hubble's Observation

Meanwhile , greater telescopes invented which can observe better , Edwin observe a galaxy  from another distanced point,  he found that the red shifted galaxy and distanced point both moved outside of their linear function's distances . Thus only explanation was universe is expanding in limitless directions.

The Collapse point , The flat based expansion & The open universe

Lets imagine the universe as  "football" . And lets pump air in this ball as the ball expand and expand from all N.S.E.W directions  , but if the air pressure exceed the ball blast !
Universe expansion increases the rate get nearer to zero , while the gravity increases . Imagining gravity as the center point of the football ( universe ) , gravity gets stronger and air particles travels backward to that gravitational  point  or those particles get strong hold by the gravity that it could not move further and finally re-collapse .

On the other hand scientists thinks that the universe might be expanding into another was which is The flat based expansion. Imagine a surface which could be in any geometrical shape ( circle ,square ,hexagon ,etc ) and you have enough energy to travel into the universe. As you start running in universe , the expanding universe which was expanding , expand even further but it expansion rate drop to near zero every time , you cannot reach to the edge of the universe since its expand either you run or not , however after some amount of time  it could stop expanding . Because the energy rate will get so low that either it will have an ability to expand or to arrest itself to the gravity and forever stop.

The open universe concept is simple. The universe expand endlessly and needlessly. The expansion rate get closer and closer to near zero but it never gets equal to zero .

Which one of these expansion you guys think our universe held off . Let me know on the comments below.

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