Monday, August 18, 2014

Possible Ways For Universe To Collapse

Possible Ways For Universe To Collapse

Big bang occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago, afterwards the particles started to expand and further collide to become stars and galaxies. More  galaxies formed and universe started to expand . The universe formed into an giant infinite sized map. Due to infinite expanding of the universe the question raised in my mind, In which possible way the Universe could collapse.

First Possibility

Since the discovery of the Higgs Boson, one of the possibility could be that every particle will gain more mass and energy due to the higgs field this will make particles becomes heavier than their actual mass. The particle's momentum will decrease, eventually this will cause all the masses to slow down their movement and stop expanding. The gravity will over come because as expansion is increasing gravitational force is getting near to zero and if the gravity overcome the open hand (universe) will turn into a fist ! The fist eventually will become tighter and tighter until the point, where all masses will collide into a small heated ball. 

Second Possibility

 The second state of higgs field is all over the universe and if it is denser just like what scientists thinks ,  the particles will start to become heavier as explained above, it would certainly start to wrap the universe like a giant bubble , you can imagine boiling water as bubbles pops up in random places.  The bubble of higgs field will travel at the speed of light and since higgs boson give mass to particles , elementary particles inside the bubble will continue to get heavier this will make them collide , whilst ending up being a small ball or compact space.

In the nutshell

Considering the strength and the magic of Higgs Boson , I purpose that both possibilities can happen and one of them could even start right now or just begin some moments ago . However if possibilities occurred near us ,  our galaxy would be  demolished by now. Furthermore, from my frame of reference, I believe standard model is still not finished yet and there are some more particle yet to be discover , if  more virtual particles will discover , it will flourish these possibilities into worst prediction.

Let me know about your ideas about the collapsing of the universe in the comments below and as always thank you for reading.

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